Bryan John Appleby

The Rialto proudly presents

Bryan John Appleby

Sat · March 10, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


This event is 18 and over

The Rialto Seattle Showcase Series with Bryan John Appleby.

Seattle has such a great local music scene that we've decided that we'd like to make it a part of our own music scene. Beginning with the wonderfully resonant Bryan John Appleby, we're offering the best of the west at $5 at the door tickets. Remember the days when seeing a great local band was $5? Well, there're back baby. The dream is alive and well. Come join us. We'll see you there. 

Bryan John Appleby
Bryan John Appleby
"In the intervening four years since Fire on the Vine, Appleby has been slowly working his way through new songs, and now with the release of Costanoan Bones, the first song from his upcoming fall release, we are hearing just what has happened to his sound in that time. As Appleby puts it, “One of those
friends gave me a piano recently, so expect less acoustic guitar on the new record.” That shift is clear in this new song where percussion, strings, and piano play a much greater role than than his simple acoustic folky past. That voice is still the same, the cadence in the way he sings the lyrics is still familiar, and the songs structure is undeniably his but the music surrounding all that has changed noticeably and
intriguingly. This new album is really going to be something to behold.”
-Brian Snider (secretly important)

“For the first time in four years Seattle's Bryan John Appleby is releasing new music and it sounds way too good.”
- Steven Graham (Herald Net)

"Few have the skill with words, the deftness with arrangement and the ambition with the sonic palette
that Bryan John Appleby has. Even fewer are able to deliver both their words and their music with a voice that simultaneously expresses innocence and optimism on the one hand, and weary experience on the other."
-Andrew Dubber
Venue Information:
Rialto Bozeman
10 West Main St.
Bozeman, MT, 59715