Art Walk Featuring Rat Trap Clay Club

The Rialto Proudly Presents

Art Walk Featuring Rat Trap Clay Club

Fri · September 14, 2018

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 6:00 pm (event ends at 8:00 pm)




Art Walk Featuring Rat Trap Clay Club
Art Walk Featuring Rat Trap Clay Club
Join us in the Light Box for the Downtown Bozeman Art Walk featuring The Rat Trap Clay Club!

A collective of friends who have been celebrating collaboration for several years in an ongoing conversation regarding social conflict, political turmoil, ecological disaster, hope, love, joy, drugs, rock and roll, soul-theft, soul-regeneration, transhumanism, etc.

Composed of dirtbags, thieves, saints, royalty, professors, anarchists, low-lifes, tattoo artists, students, queers, high-brows—and above all: friends, influenced by the half-lit discussions, debates, and discords they undergo beneath fluorescent lights in the basement of an old granary below downtown Bozeman.

Their ideas originate from film, literature, memes, fights, long acid-fueled motorcycle rides, sunsets above junkyards, walks along drainage ditches, checkout counter magazine covers, the parody of syndicated news outlets, and anything else that pisses them off/inspires them to change what’s around them to an easier-to-swallow existence.

Content includes present and past political figures, various shades of gray, symbolic creatures/monsters, state secrets, dark humor, tributes to those who came before them, inside jokes, existential brilliants/failures, hope-filled debacles, and testimonies of love and companionship.

Most of the forms used in this show are bottles, the vessels of life-granting and life-ruining drugs, representing the basis of all things both good and evil in the lives of man, decorated with a conflagration of both the positives and negativities of the best and the worst of us.

The Rat Trap Club’s collaborative process constitutes a departure from the sacredness of the work itself, instead placing the emphasis on the collaborative process, with the end work a kind a dictation of discussions held over the period the work was made as they’ve met together nearly every Tuesday night for over two years. No image is too sacred to be wiped out, painted over, eliminated, rubbed out of existence.

Dalton C. Brink, born and raised in Memphis, is a dropout of the US Navy where he studied nuclear power. He is the Artistic Director of the Rialto Theatre in Bozeman as well as the founder and president of The Cottonwood Club. He is the author of three books of poetry as well as two novels. He’s an award-winning filmmaker, a member of the fringe art collaborative, Paintallica as well as the front-man/songwriter/guitarist for the band, Wire Rider.

Jay Schmidt was born in Chester, Pennsylvania in 1952 and currently resides in Bozeman, Montana. He earned a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute in 1974 and completed his MFA at the University of California, Davis two years later. In 2007 he retired from a twenty-six-year career as a professor in the School of Art at Montana State University. His enormous paintings engulf the viewer—one is swaddled in colors, bombarded with madness, with the obsessiveness of modern-day consumerism, commercialism, and war-mongering—all spiraling beyond sanity like a tornado of society. It is this kind of experience, this topsy-turvy urgency, that gets beneath your skin and drains the breath from your body. He is a member of Paintallica.

Jesse Albrecht grew up in a small Wisconsin town. At family gatherings, he heard bits and pieces about relatives fighting at Tarawa, Pearl Harbor, New Guinea and Vietnam. Joining the National Guard at nineteen--he couldn’t resist any longer the need to understand first-hand what being a soldier was really like. At the University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire he majored in ceramics. In 2000 he moved to Iowa City, Iowa, to pursue his MFA in ceramics at the University of Iowa. Transferring National Guard units, he was re-classed as a combat medic. He was walking to an advanced life drawing class on September 11th, 2001. Halfway through his MFA he was deployed to Iraq with A Co 109th Area Support Medical Battalion and attached to the 101st Airborne (Air Assault) Division as an emergency medicine Non-Commissioned Officer.

In addition to treating combat and non-combat patients he found himself running many convoys around Mosul and Northern Iraq without the ceramic plates for my body armor that would stop bullets. Returning home was a surreal experience and the transition was rough at times. Returning to graduate school allowed art to capture the overwhelming cultural, mental, and physical experience of Iraq. He currently lives in Bozeman, Montana. He works in a media inclusive manner. He is in the collaborative art group Paintallica and a hang around of the Combat Paper Project.

John Warren, originally from Rock Springs, WY, is a long-time graffiti artist and is currently apprenticing as a tattoo artist. He currently lives in Bozeman, MT.

Angela Yonke is an artist, Art teacher and Photographer living in Bozeman, MT. Her background includes a BFA in Photography and a BA in Art Education from Western Michigan University. She has taught Art and Photography since 2005 at public, private and non-profit organizations in Michigan, Chicago, IL and Bozeman, MT.

Joseph Sabel is a self-taught artist from Chicago. Growing up in upstate New York near the Syracuse area, he always had an interest in the arts. He joined the Navy as a Corpsman after boot camp with his first duty station being Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. There he became an EMT and worked in the Emergency Room. He began to work with paint in Chicago as an EMT with the Chicago Fire Dept. Chicago gave inspiration to paint scenic cityscapes. From there he decided to attend MSU for studio arts.

Trae Story was born in St. Paul, MN in 1995. After receiving his BFA in Ceramics from St. Cloud State University in 2018, he moved to his current location in Bozeman, MT to further pursue his interest in ceramics at MSU. His current work involves functional pottery as well as sculpture, in scales ranging from handheld to armheld. The aesthetic qualities of his work include intimate, sensual, and personal.
Venue Information:
Rialto Bozeman
10 West Main St.
Bozeman, MT, 59715